Hello friends. I’ve been meaning to inform you all for awhile now, but it continued to slip my mind until today. Unless I already did post this and somehow can’t remember that instead, which seems very likely. But I don’t believe I have. Awhile back I created a Twitter account for my icons, and the same icons posted are the ones on this blog. There are no special “Twitter” icons or anything. Not yet, anyway.

But I do make Twitter headers and post them on there. And I may start posting them on here, but I’m not sure yet. So follow me on Twitter for the headers I make, or if you don’t have a Twitter, you can still take them! Just don’t claim you made them yourself. It’s a simple rule, really. Click here to go to my icons Twitter account. And what is your input on me posting headers here, since this blog is for you guys?

Shailene Woodley + short hair.

Matt Bomer. [by request]

andreita-la-bonita: Matt bomer icons please?i love your blog!:)

Yaaay, I haven’t gotten requests in so long!

Thank you, it means a lot to me. I’m on it, right now. (:

Miley Cyrus.

Jennifer Lawrence.

Taylor Lautner + facial hair.

Alex & Sierra. {part 2\2}

Alex & Sierra. {part 1\2}